GOCOO and Koshiji Sisters New release live movie “SPIRIT of MATSURI ~ Pilgrimage to Awa”

We are pleased to announce a new release LIVE MOVIE.

Two versions of the “SPIRIT of MATSURI” series are new released at the same time!


About Tokyo version “SPIRIT of MATSURI ~ Pilgrimage to Awa”


GOCOO and Koshiji Sisters , these two really unique (in many ways…) bands express lots of laugh on the theme of lives, present the work which is visualized a full-scale live performance with plenty of bonus movies.

Enjoy our live performance that is profound yet makes you laugh.

Just because… This movie makes you laugh and cry, and somehow it gives you the courage to live.

I sure hope so!



Have fun on Gocoo ch



 -Live performing Koshiji Sisters

 -Live performing GOCOO

 -Koshiji Sisters × GOCOO collaboration  “MATSURI”

 -GOCOO KAOLY Recitation “The Heart Sutra” 

-GOCOO KAOLY/Yoko Koshiji talk session




Koshiji Sisters

Hirama mario  (Flower arrangement)



★GOCOO × GIANT STEPS × Yoko Koshiji

  LIVE MOVIE “SPIRIT of MATSURI ~ Music , Dolls and the World of Tradition “

 are new released at the same time!!


  VOL.1  https://youtu.be/xzZApzAP4YU

  VOL.2  https://youtu.be/mQ2fPmlIiWc