Live performance in memory of the Great East Japan Earthquake 

March 11, 2021
Great East Japan Earthquake 10th Year Memorial YouTube Live from the Tokyo Tower


◆March 11 – Let’s connect with friends from all over the world online, and play “ELEVEN” together!

◆Please support our crowdfunding campaign to make this live event possible!

On the night of March 11th, 2021, 10th Year Memorial Live by GOCOO will be streamed from the top of Tokyo Tower via YouTube Live.
 18:50~20:00 Japan Time
on EARTH-DAY TOKYO YouTube Channel

The piece “ELEVEN” was born in the midst of the chaos that followed 311 in 2011, composed by GOCOO KAOLY

Over the last 10 years, we have been sowing a lot of ELEVEN seeds all over Japan and around the world.

On this memorial day, we will connect Taiko people from all over the world via Zoom who have received the seeds of ELEVEN over the past 10 years

We want to play and pray “ELEVEN”
with everyone.
with all the Rainbow Warriors out there.

I want YOU to be there too.

2011, the year I lived so desperately that I can’t really remember.
And now we live in a future that was unpredictable at the time

But I believe…there is something our past selves have taught us in the present.

You don’t need to play well and accurately.
(Your sound will be muted for the purpose of live streaming).

Join from your home.
You don’t have to play an actual taiko!

You can even “air bachi,” dance, or just sing and that’s enough!!!

“ELEVEN” becomes the true “ELEVEN” by expressing each person’s thoughts and prayers.

Express in your own style!

The night of March 11th
Please be with us.




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◆When:March 11(Thu)Japan Time

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Meeting ID: 839 0338 1280
Passcode: 529331

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